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Thesis Work

Artist Statement

When people go from their private space to the public, they often employ a mask to make themselves more comfortable .The use of diptychs and self-portraiture visually discusses the philosophy of one’s self, how the self is shaped, and how one’s behavior changes when in public versus when one is in their private space. Varying shades of red and blue assist furthering the discussion of the psychology of the self, with blue meaning loneliness, sensitivity, inspiration, and a yearning for freedom while red represents confidence, attention, strength, and the reclamation of power. These Nan Goldin-esque images may be done “incorrectly” from a technical standpoint, but as a result, the emotions the subject is portraying are suggested into the viewer as these almost Cindy Sherman-like personas are molded into existence. By turning the viewer into the voyeur of my life, the importance of how others affect our identity is highlighted. By hanging the red objects near each public portrait, the viewer is invited to interact with them, further immersing them into my world. 

This body of work was created with the intention of viewer interactions in mind. To become fully immersed, please explore the clothes posted below.

Please be sure to check out the works of my fellow gallery mates.


An exploration of concepts, themes, interests, and so on throughout my academic career.


A portfolio of images I’ve taken for others.

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